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Home Visitation Guidelines

These Guidelines for Home Visitation Programs were originally developed by the Alberta Ministry of Children’s Services in consultation with Child and Family Services and representatives of the Alberta Home Visitation Network Association (AHVNA). In 2023, they were revised and updated to provide additional support for how Family Resource Network (FRN) Home Visitation programs align with the Family Resource Network Standards of Practice (Standards).

The guidelines apply to home visitation programs funded by Alberta Children’s Services. They outline best practices, set quality standards and guidelines as well as define expectations with regard to the development, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of funded Home Visitation programs. They are designed to:

  • Improve the quality of services delivered to program participants. 
  • Communicate program-related policy to stakeholders who deliver Home Visitation services.
  • Improve the contract management practices, administration and delivery methods of Home Visitation programs.
  • Support Alberta’s Child and Family Services in their role as contract managers of Home Visitation programs.

The Alberta Children’s Services “Home Visitation Practice Guidelines” is available in Adobe Reader (PDF) format.